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More Than You Know #003

More Than You Know #003

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8 x 10 in | Mixed Media on Canvas

“More Than You Know:

She couldn’t see the underground plans in play until they were ready for her.
Like under-aged wine, she wanted it all before it was ready.
He loved her so much that He wouldn’t let her settle for anything less than the universe.
She tried to just get the world but He knew she wanted-deeply wanted - the sun, the moon & the stars✨

He stopped at nothing not even her crying and heartache to give her everything.
He wouldn’t let her settle no matter how hard she fought and she fought hard.
He knew what she wanted - He could see it. He could see she wanted it all, but she just wasn’t sure if all she wanted even existed.
He led her to the water,
He gave her the moon,
He sat her in the stars.
And just like the wine…He waited with her and loved her until everything was perfect for her.”

Everyday is uncertain. Change is the most consistent part of life - and life is made so sweet because of it.

If you’re in the “not yet, but on it’s way” season…I feel ya.
The things that are no longer of use must be released to make room for more beauty than you’ve ever known.

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