Inspired by the warmth of an old school love

Love come to life

The beauty of being found by love. This is the most raw, vulnerable & heartfelt collection I've created. Each painting is a visual story of love's ability to fully see & fully embrace.

Enjoy your lover immersion below

The moments that often go unnoticed. Little gifts tucked into the everyday. When seen, make it all so sweet.

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"Love Grows"

Love grows where darkness once stole.
From those moments a garden now flows.
Where color & life & newness unfold.
Every flower whispers:
‘I love you, I love you, I hope you know…
I’ll spend forever showing you so

"Love Me Tender"

It’s not your fault.
The scars you’ve grown, 
Or the stains that have sown.
The pressure didn’t ruin, rather it spun you into a beauty more brilliant than anything this world could undo. 
One that softly lights up every room. And shines beyond the pain you once knew.
Brilliance is what I see when I look at you. 
They say the stars already knew, it’s time you do too… I love
I love
I love you.

"To Be Loved"

Love is patient & wildly kind.
It’s slowing down & taking your time.
For your tender heart, there is rest.
The weight you’ve carried is no longer your mess.
The trying, striving, and stories once told... are now just a memory, not yours to hold.
So take it all off.
And let it go.
There’s nothing that could ever make me stop loving you so.
Melt into me, and listen to the sweet symphony of yesterday slipping away.
For here you are home, forever resting in my embrace.

"Dance With Me"

They say when you know you know.
But what if your love is more than you’ve known...
Something so fun, so beautiful, so deep,
It could only be written in this way so perfectly unique.
That is, what if the love your heart aches to find,
Has been growing all this time. 
Into a rhythm that’s wild and free… yet gently leading you right where you long to be. 

"At Last"

There’s a love that waits for you. 
Beyond the mess.
And the pressures of the day.
Deeper than the doubts that distort the way.
This winding road is creating in you a place to be found by
A love that’s more beautiful than any other happy ending could be.
At last, come and see... 
It’s waiting right here for you and me. 

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Thank you for supporting my ability to create & share this incredible passion. The journey with this collection has forever changed my heart. Thank you for being a part of it. I'm so glad you're here:)