Hello, Hello

My name is Liz,

I belive life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. Lucky for me, I just so happen to feel the most alive when I paint.

But, I wasn't always like this...


I never really thought my life would amount to much, not to mention this silly little love I‘ve always had for creating. But as it turns out, like things often do, there was so much more ahead of me than I could’ve ever imagined. And so the story goes...

When I was 15 years old, I became debilitated with Lyme Disease. For the next 5 years, I lived life on the couch in a flu-like daze. While I felt miserable physically, mentally I lived in an even greater hell. Stuck in deep darkness with no way out, I was utterly heartbroken by the disappointment that was my life. I watched each day pass, trapped in my worst nightmare.

Until one day, everything changed. Through treatment and mental and emotional healing, I got my life back almost overnight. In 2 months, I went from sleeping my days away to running, traveling, and doing whatever I wanted. It was kind of like waking up from a coma to start living life at 10x speed.

As a part of my own healing journey, I began painting every day just for the fun of it. It got me out of the mental funk I had lived in for so long. Slowly this sparked an old creative flame that had been buried deep inside of me since I was a kid. With no formal training, I chose to pursue that desire. I dove head first into art.

Simultaneously, I plunged into helping others who had been affected by Lyme Disease. I became a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and helped incredible people find health and happiness by releasing trauma through expression. 

It was this combined love for the healing power of expression and art that birthed my painting process.

Every time I stand before a blank canvas, I fall in love with life all over again as pure magic appears on the canvas - darkness to brilliant color and messes to masterpieces. I paint to celebrate the everyday miraculous moments of being alive. Each painting is still therapy to me and I feel so grateful to get to share this joyful art, as "therapy" for the collector too.

Check out the descriptions written by each painting to hear the healing story behind each piece.